• Friends of YRCC provides access to academic and workforce opportunities.
    We offer scholarships to alleviate financial burdens associated with securing a trade certification, licensure and/or vocational degree as well as traditional academic scholarships.

    “It is the mission of the Friends Of YRCC to provide support to the underserved families of Fayetteville. This support includes social, educational, and recreational programming in hopes to provide life lessons and skills to develop leaders who in turn invest in their communities in the future”

  • 🏫 Educational Scholarship Fund

    YRCC is proud to offer the Friends of YRCC Educational Scholarship Fund to students who are pursuing an academic degree from a 2 or 4-year college.

  • 🏭 Industries Trade Scholarship

    YRCC is proud to offer the Friends of YRCC Industries Trade Scholarship to students who are pursuing trade certification or a vocational-technical school degree.

    To ensure their long-term success, recipients will also receive access to personal mentorship and will need to provide an annual update of their success at a board meeting during the first year of the scholarship.

  • Scholarship Application

    Scholarship applications are due March 31st, 2023.  Decisions will be made by 2nd week of April 2023. Scholarships will be awarded at our board meeting the 2nd week of May 2023.

    Which scholarship are you applying for? (select one)