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  • The YRCC is committed to shaping today’s youth for tomorrow’s challenges by providing recreational, educational, and social opportunities.

    YRCC was built in 1996 and named in memoriam of former Arkansas Razorbacks Basketball Coach Nolan Richardson’s daughter, Yvonne Richardson, who left the physical earth at the age of 15 following a two year battle with leukemia. Despite, Yvonne’s physical void, the YRCC sought to establish ways in which to honor Yvonne’s life by providing others with the opportunities she was unable to afford. In short, YRCC is focused on providing accessibility and a place to evolve; we pride ourselves on existing as a hub within the community to increase the level of impact gained from those we serve.

    • Recreational Enrichment

      YRCC seeks to offer opportunities that support a healthy lifestyle all while developing skills and knowledge essential to maintaining and improving multiple areas of health.

    • Educational Enrichment

      YRCC seeks to be well rounded in the types of learning opportunities offered. YRCC partners with many local agencies and recruits community leaders to reduce duplicated services and increase resources.

    • Social Enrichment

      Being a part of or creating exposure for individuals of varying ages, genders, races, economic status, etc. for the purposes of building community reinforces YRCC’s aim to ensure an open door, open mind, and an open-heart policy.

    • Exposure & Education

      Education shapes today’s youth for tomorrow’s challenges.

    • Inclusion & Diversity

      We want those we serve to feel comfortable and confident.

    • Play

      We seek to create memories and experiences that shape lives.

    • Explore

      We serve as a hub for people to meet, socialize and self-reflect.

    • Resourceful

      Our creativity and problem-solving skills have sustained us thus far.

    • Connect

      Our partnerships enable us to expand our resources.

    • Access

      Free programs for all conveniently located in downtown Fayetteville.

    • Outreach

      Community Programs allow us to assess and fulfill the need.

    • Outlet

      Volunteers play an active role in the community’s success.

    • So proud to have my children participate in YRCC programs. They have enjoyed their summer, thanks to YRCC and its’ staff. Big Thank You to the YRCC family!!!

      Summer Fun 4 Kids Camper parent
    • I enjoyed the positive attitude of all the staff, combined with the well planned curriculum. My kids finish each session with sweaty smiling faces.

      X-Factor Homeschool P.E. mom
    • I enjoyed the fun and positive atmosphere that was fostered. You managed the kids well my kids say you don’t let kids cheat yet you are not overly harsh. I loved that the coaches played games with them.

    • I appreciate the courtesy we received as new people here in Fayetteville, AR.

      Spring Break Camp mom
    • This program is awesome and the kids have so much fun and opportunity to grow. Really appreciate the YRCC staff for all that they do. God Bless!

    • What a great group of counselors! The activities you provided this summer were excellent, and kept my boys active and happy!

  • YRCC Named Program of the year 2018

    Summer Fun 4 Kids Camp & Program of the year - Tourism/Recreation

  • Volunteer of the year 2018

    Laura Underwood, Board Member

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